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Touch Memory: Electronically Monitor & Generate Reports


Transform your existing storage area into an electronic vault with asset tracking and monitoring options powered by KSI SmartButton.
GFMS Software restricts and monitors user access while tracking usage for detailed reporting.


KSI SmartPlug SAM

The KSI SmartPlug SAM is one of the most compact storage capacity products available. Positions are not assigned so Smart Plugs can be returned into any available open position. Numbered positions are also available.


Heavy Duty Latched SmartPlug SAM

The KSI SmartPlug SAM allows for assets attached to our SmartPlugs to be assigned to one or more users and may be plugged into any open position in the SAM. Each SmartPlug includes a unique electronic serial number associated with the asset. The new Heavy Duty Latched SmartPlug adds the ability to entrap and selectively release individual SmartPlugs.


KSI Smart Insert for Firearm Control

This insert is a handy solution for securing and monitoring the usage and accessibility of firearms. Through use of the KSI Smart Insert and GFMS, you can monitor your firearms from anywhere.


KSI SmartButton OC Station

The newest addition to the KSI SmartButton Technology family is the OC Station. It provides controlled distribution and removal from service for chemical spray canisters. Canisters are weighed and monitored to meet the required capacity safety standards.


KSI SmartButton Asset Vault

The application of a KSI SmartButton provides each asset with a unique identity. Store assets internally on adjustable shelving or tethered externally. User ID access is required to enter the secure cabinet. Track who is using the items and monitor times of removal and return.


Asset Tracking of Shelving Systems

The KSI SmartButton Technology used in our vaults may be applied to any existing shelving system or room. Our easily installed modules make retrofitting of your current storage area quick and easy.


KSI SmartTag & Panel

Maximize storage capacity. Mount SmartTag panels directly to your walls. Configure and expand asset storage by adding unlimited key panels to the entire room. Monitor the presence of your assets through GFMS. White board panels allow for easy labeling.


KSI SmartTag SAM

Go beyond monitoring and add a high level of security by combining KSI SmartTags and Security Asset Managers. Protected by a locked, steel door, only those with the proper identification may access the contents of the SAM.

As with our other SAM cabinets, the SmartTag SAM also works with expansion cabinets.


KSI Satellite

  • Versatile networked ID console provides remote SAM™ control
  • Provides Entry/Exit control
  • Optionally serves as a biometric enrollment station
  • Web enabled and fully integrated with GFMS™ Software


Additional Features


  • Automatically import users and groups to GFMS software to reduce data entry and remained synched with your existing access control system
  • User Identification options include PIN, Card Swipe, Proximity, and Biometrics

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